Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Quick update - no pics:(

*Ryan pretty much potty-trained himself over the past few weeks:)  Very nice for mommy.  I am a bit sad to see the "baby" growing up, but alas, it is what it is.
* We are smack dab in the middle of hard, never-stopping, putting out fires left and right parenting.  Big kids think they are BIG and don't need parents.  Little kids think they are BIG and don't need parents.  All kids think they are entitled to whatever object they are currently holding.  Blah, blah, blah.  Hard, exhausting, mundane, extraordinary stuff. 
*Our new curriculum is amazing.  But hard.  Lots of great diggin' deep bible study.  we are definitely in a transition phase and that's usually challenging. I'm finding that I'm not a pleasant mom sometimes:(  I am sad because I don't want my kids to look back over their childhood and not have memories of a happy/joyful momma.  Please don't misunderstand - discipline is necessary etc, but overall, I'm struggling right now to smile more than grimace!
*Jack and Ella-Kathryn are enjoying their golf lessons.  The First Tee is a fantastic organization which enables young people to learn golf for a very reasonable price!  The instructors are great and they are both learning so much.  We are hoping to continue through most of the summer.
*Jeff is somehow finding the will to keep up with both jobs, although there is little love lost for his main job (I'm being intentionally vague:))  praying that God will allow us to get out of debt quickly and that Jeff will find a more pleasant full-time position.
*I've been reading up a storm - Julia Glass, Tess Gerittsen, the newest Bonhoffer bio - all great.  I'll try to post some more specific "reviews" soon.
*Ryan sings "Pappa's going to buy you a mockingbird" but his lyrics are "Daddy's gonna buy you a horse, if you'll be quiet, he'll buy you a dinosaur, if you'll be quiet he'll buy you a cow..."  Too funny!  I need to catch him singing and tape it.
Ok - I'm whooped, so off to bed. 

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