Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Break

I'm not going to go into details, since everyone who reads this blog knows who we are and what we did this Easter! Here are the pics of our adventures...

And because I'm an idiot, these are all backwards chronologically! 

Waiting for the subway - my kiddos did amazing on the trains and I already told them (and Jeff) that we were SO ready for Europe!  Ha!

Standing next to "Rexie" from Night at the Museum - although a much smaller version than that of the movie, they were thrilled to be at the musuem!
Poor Evan - he was a good sport that day!  He was such a great help on the trip - holding little kids' hands and carrying gear.  Thanks Ev!

 Will at the Fireman's museum in Philly - so much fun trying on the gear.  Will has on the captain's coat - hopefully he will grow into this:)  Here's the gang all in their firefighting stuff.
 Outside Betsy Ross' house - this statue has the names of the 13 colonies around the base.  The kids were treated to some souvenirs here too.
 Independence Hall - we decided not to wait in the very long line to see the Libery Bell. Maybe next time!

 Central Park - ugh these are so scattered!  sorry!

 Easter morning - a great pic if not for Ryan's eyes being shut and Jack's goofy expression:)
 Egg hunt at Johnsons's Farm - sweet girl!

 Fun in the pool at one of the hotels we stayed in along our journey - thanks Poppy for the special treat!!!

On our way home from NJ we stopped at the cemetary where Grandmom and Popop Shuster are buried.  I hadn't been since Grandmom's funeral.  It was pretty emotional for me - just to see the names there (Coverts and Elston's are there as well) and yet I'm glad the kids got to see. 
It was a great trip!  We so enjoyed our time in the car with Poppy, and he was such a good sport to agree to travel with us:)  We loved spending time with our family in NJ and are missing them so much! 

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Aunt LaLa said...

It was such a good time had by ALL. Even sleepy Evan!