Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Things

Today has been great.  Today has been busy.  We began our day knowing that Jeff would be home shortly, only to get changed and head back out the door to continue training for his new part-time job.  You have got to love this man.  His work ethic; his commitment to his family; his willingness to be uncomfortable in the short-term, so that the long-term picture might be better.  As soon as he headed out we welcomed dear friends to visit and play and eat.  What a blessing to be home and for the kids to be here to enjoy one another.  Ages from 10-1, all interacting and having fun.  Two grown up mammas chatting and laughing and commiserating.  Thank you God for that!  After they left, we did some school and now the bigguns are out playing again with our neighbors, who also homeschool.  Yes we will have to read our science later tonight, and yes Ella-Kathryn needs to do her spelling test.  But we can do it later:)  Right now, while it's still not raining, they can run and be silly and make Spartan swords and shields together.  And I am grateful for this life.  Even though I maybe wasn't earlier this morning.  He nudged me gently, and reminded me that I have so very much to be grateful for.  When I was so emotional in church on Sunday, because my husband couldn't join me and my 4-year old did instead but the message was about marriage, not parenting, and we have so many changes on the horizon, He dealt with me gently.  I am so thankful that we serve a kind, gently, loving God and not a jerk you by the scruff of your neck kind of deity.  He who is infinitely patient with this forever messing up kind of gal:)
Sorry no pics today - need to upload a bunch - next on my to-do list...

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