Friday, February 10, 2012

Life So Far

A quick update in pics:

This handsome guy had been working his "Justin Beiber" hair for far too long, so he finally got is all cut off!  I miss his hair, but it was getting to be a bit much:)  You'll see his new 'do down below.
 Um, yeah.  We let our 2 year old handle hunting rifles?  Don't report us, please...

Jeff and I finally got to go out on a date! 

 This winter has been crazy warm.  Makes me a bit sad to have NO snow this year, but it's great for the kids because they love to be outside.  Here's one of their sandbox creations - a massive tunnel that they tried to convince me Ryan could fit through!
 Ella-Kathryn and Ryan (with his new haircut).
 Will, as always in fighting mode, with this new haircut.
 Jack noticed that he and I had matching jammies:)  Gray t-shirts and red plaid bottoms - he was truly happy about this.  Sweet boy!
I saw this great, super-easy method for curling your hair and made Ella-Kathryn my guinea pig!  You just put a stretchy headband around your head like a sweatband and then begin wrapping pieces of hair up and over the band, going around the whole head.  anyway, the result was amazing!  She looked so cute, but of course it didn't last through the night.  Next time I'll put more product in and then hairspray the tar out of it!

Over the years we have lost many a dining chair.  Kids, adults, moves.  They just have bit the dust one by one.  So, after living with horribly mismatched chairs for a while now, Jeff built some benches!   Here are Jack and EK helping stain the new seating!

Ok so I know there's much more to update you on, but for now this will have to do!  Ha!

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Karen said...

Man I MISS y'all!