Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ugh, another post with no pictures.  Boo. Hiss.  Oh, wait.  I'm booing myself:(  Oh well.  I am sorry - and I've not anything spectacular to excuse the lack of photos.  We've been busy, but with what???   This past week was the local schools' spring break, so we took full advantage of having all of our friends available for play!  We met at the park one day, other days at friends' homes, and yet another here with friends.  I got to visit with my sweet girlfriends too - 2 during the day and even one night out.  It was wonderful but by Thurs. I remembered something very important about my family.  We love our friends and we love to spend time in relationship with these dear families.  Yet, we need rest.  We did manage to do school most days and then we did skip one, but by Fri. we were all whooped. 
Jack was having a friend spend the night, but a turn of events resulted in our "returning" our friend.  Jack made some major mistakes.  All is fine now-trust will have to be regained, as well as some privileges.  I am being purposefully vague here.  The older Jack gets, the more I desire to respect his privacy - his right to make mistakes safely under our roof where he can be loved and trained without fear of having these errors becoming labels that follow him forever.
That being said, all of the children went to bed without protest and slept well til morning.  The busyness finally caught up with me as well and thanks to my amazing husband, I slept til 10!!!  He poked his head in to make sure I was ok and I finally dragged myself out of bed:)  We did stay up past 11 last night, but I really think it had all just worn me out - not to mention the crazy weather does a number on my sinuses.  So, I am praying that I'll be able to sleep tonight!  Oh well - just so long as I'm back on schedule for Mon. we'll be ok.
Today was a great rainy, lazy day.  I am still in my pj's and clearly never left the house.  We all ate all 3 meals here and while I did a bit of cleaning, overall not much was accomplished.  And it felt great!  This is what a Sabbath should be:)  I'm wondering if our family shouldn't adopt the Jewish tradition.  It would vastly ease my guilt over not being able to honor Sunday as our Sabbath.  Something to think about.  
Ryan is finally, and thankfully, over his ear infection but that second molar has not quite broken through.  His overall attitude is much improved:)  He still won't walk more than a few steps, but we are finding him standing on his own randomly in the middle of the room:)  And have I mentioned what a JOY it is to finally have a child who goes to sleep on his own?  Ah-ma-zing!!!!  Praise God for small favors!
Will is really changing - his language is getting so clear and his expressions are a trip.  "Yeah, I had that on my brain," when told what we were having for lunch. 
Ella-Kathryn is going through a bit of a phase, at least we hope it's a phase!  She's struggling to have a joyful heart when asked to do things, and has developed a rather sassy 'tude.  Again, I'm trying to discern if it's a matter of attention, as she's my lone girl and usually so quick to do the right thing with little prompting, or if it's the age (6) where she needs to set some more independence?  We'll see.  Overall she is still such a hambone, entertaining us with her silly faces and goofy expressions.
Jack is such a good kid.  I mean really.  When you're in the thick of it, this parenting thing, it can be so easy to lose sight of your kids hearts while you're furiously focusing on the behaviors.  It's a daily struggle to step back and after seeking Him first, view these precious children as the gifts that they are!  Yes they are human and yes they will err, but these kids of mine are truly fun, bright, enjoyable little people and I am trying to see what He sees:)

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Aunt LaLa said...

I am a teacher in a public school. I taught middle school, and I teach high school. I taught sunday school for 3 years (elementary). I've seen a lot of kids. Yours are a cut above. They are NOT normal....they are 'supra-normal'....Your children are what ALL we teachers wish we had in our classrooms! Along with PARENTS like you and Jeff!