Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Here's our life in bulleted format:
  • An elderly woman, whose husband is suffering from Althimers and who had recently lost her job, won the $1,000,000 Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes.  The local section of the paper had a photo and I was telling the kids how lovely it was to see someone who really needed that money win!  Ella-Kathryn responded, "Wow, that's almost as good as winning a tent!" (her name was drawn at a church function in the fall and she won a tent.)
  • I told will he looked cool.  He told me he wasn't cool, he was awesome. 
  • At dinner one night, Will quietly said, while shaking his head, "Daddy, you so, so good."  We kind of smiled at each other, and then I asked him what was daddy good at.  He replied, "Daddy, you so so good at breakfast."
  • Discussing Lent and fasting from soemthing that means a great deal to you, Jack got a panicked look on his face and said, "are you going to give me up?"
  • While on a shopping trip with EK, she was reading all of the signs and store names.  She asked if we could go to the RackRoom and when I told her no, she asked, "well how about the Shoe Det" by which she meant the Shoe Dept (phonetics, gotta love 'em)
  • And in a huge Praise - Ryan has been sleeping through the night-in his crib!!
  • Ryan is still recovering from an ear infection (been on antibiotics for about a week and I'm not convinced it's doing its job)
  • Homeschool is going great - I am so grateful that we can do this even on the hard days:)
  • Ella-Kathryn made me a sign for my door that says "mommy is butiful" - I tried to take it in the best way possible even if she did draw me with a horrific pig nose
  • I know I'm insane, but I have baby fever - again...on a trip to the hospital to visit a young friend of ours, I was truly saddened that they had curtained the nursery for the night.  Maybe it was for the best though.  On the phone this morning, Jack told Jeff that I wanted another baby and  I could hear Jeff laughing from across the room:) 
Ok that's it for now and I need to get some pics on here too, so I'll try to work on that!


Momma C said...

Very fun!

Erin said...

Love your life in bullet points! :) Love the baby fever one! :)