Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wringing of hands

Jeff came home some time ago and mentioned that a guy from work had a dirt bike for sale - a dirt bike just the right size for Jack. Oh dear. Now, Jeff grew up riding these things and we always rode around on a four-wheeler (or maybe it was a 3 wheeler) back on the farm when we were there for Thanksgiving etc. But, my son? UM, I'm not so sure about this. I mean, do they make bubble suits for kids to wear while riding? Do they make bikes that only go 5 mph? If so, then sign me up. Otherwise, I will be that nervous Nelly on the sidelines (or side of the dirt track?) wringing her hands and wincing with every bump he hits. Nevermind when he actally gets good enough to want to JUMP things. Oh dear. Yet, this like every other aspect of parenting, is an exercise in prayer, trust, and wisdom. At every turn in my children's lives I will rely on God's strength and promises to see me through - from the BIG things, like Ryan's very life, to the smaller things, like Jack becoming successful at math:) Ok, so that last one is truly a big deal in our house, I'm just playin' it cool. Anyway, God seems to want me to live in this place. The address is #1 Faith Drive and the sign on the door says TRUST BEFORE ENTERING. It's a daily thing for me, but I'm glad He allows me to renew this walk every morning. I want to remain in his house forever and I know that with his abundant grace I can. Here on earth, I will choose to trust that he holds my children in his hands too. As for the wisdom of bringing said dirt bike home to begin with, well let's just say I trust my husband and we'll leave it at that! So, when you call and I interrupt by gasping air because I witnessed my son wipeout on the bike, just pray for me:)
PS - to those of you who know our financial situation, a note: Jeff's co-worker ended up giving us the bike, helmet, equipment etc. Jeff had told him about our hospital bills et al and how we wouldn't be able to buy it from him after all. He was just so desperate to get rid of the thing he told Jeff to come on and get it!

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Karen said...

Wow...big time! You are a better woman than I:) I'm sure the kiddos are thrilled beyond words. Has Jack gone for a ride yet? Yikes So sweet of the guy to give it to you all!