Saturday, October 6, 2012


So much for posting every day.  I just can't seem to make this a priority - which is sad since I don't have any other means by which I jot down "memories" for the kids.
*Since I last posted, we have yet to reschedule Will's trip to Fastlane.  The sweet boy hasn't even asked about it either!  Jeff's parents came up that Sunday after all, so he did get a bit of a party that weekend.
*Jeff got his first deer of the season.  Small doe, but we'll take it!  The funniest moment of the day happened when i looked out the window to see the deer strung up on the end of the swing set and Will and Ryan happily swinging on the swing right next to it as Jack and Ella-Kathryn helped Jeff gut it etc.  Crazy!
*Will continues to enjoy soccer and we've been really impressed with his hustle!  He is not afraid of the ball and will run like the wind to get a goal!
*We are back in the groove with homeschool - getting our days done, even if it takes ALL day:) I got my new "Ultimate Homeschool Planner" and that's been helpful in just getting it all down on paper to see our goals and how the days should be lined out.  It's always a challenge getting the work done with the little boys first - but as the old adage goes, if you teach them first, they are much more likely to play etc while I spend time with the bigguns.
Ok, photo dump...
Ella-Kathryn wanted to try her hand at pumpkin pie.  We bought a ready-made crust for her first time, but she made the filling on her own and baked it etc.  It was delicious!  As you can tell by the picture - i didn't even get a chance to take a photo of the whole pie as it was cut and served as soon as it had cooled enough to eat!
Poor Aunt KK had ordered Will's bday gift forever ago and it was back ordered so it didn't make it to him until a week or so after his actual birthday!  But when it did arrive he was thrilled!  A new watch - camo, of course, with a light!  

 This goober smooch... oh where to begin!  As we were sorting through clothes for the cooler weather, we also went through the hats/gloves to see what still fit/what needed to be replaced.  Ryan found his mitten, but we couldn't locate the other.  He was enthralled with it and wore it for naptime and in the car on our way to soccer practice.  what a silly boy!!!
Well, we've had quite a turn in the weather in the past two days.  On Thursday it was in the low 80's and by yesterday it had dropped to the 50's and this morning it's barely 40 right now at 11 am.  We are headed to the soccer game - bundled up for sure!  I really like this weather, but it makes me want to bake and eat all day!  Jeff is on the motorcycle for the Sheriff's office this morning - poor guy:(  It's wet and cold and the event is just a motorcycle safety thing, so he's barely moving.  Good thing he's hot natured - hopefully it's not bothering him too much!

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