Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Snow and a Party!

We had our first snow last week.  A dusting really, but the kids were thrilled to wake up to snow:)  It was pretty darn cold, windchill around 14, that day, but of course they had to go out and play for a bit. 

Then, today we hosted the family birthday party for Jack, who will be turning 10 on Tuesday!  What in the world????  Wasn't he just born????  Seriously, he is such a great kid - loves the Lord, his family, friends and neighbors and so enjoys being outdoorsHe gets a kick out of racing his RC car with his Dad, and proving his me wrong when after I do a read-aloud and wonder if anything I ever read will sink in, he blows me away with all that he's retained! We can't wait to see what God has in store for him and what he will do for the kingdom!

From his Aunt Erin and Unlce Jason and cousins, He recieved a cool RCcar stand to hold his car up off the table so that he can work more easily on it.  From Poppy, he got some new tires, and some cool cash from his Grandma and Granpa.  We dug into a white cake frosted with chocolate icing and a whipped cream middle, per a request from the bday boy himself!
It was a fun day - one we get to repeat next Sat. when some of his buddies come over to help celebrate:)  Normally we do it all on one day, but with the boys getting bigger it just seemed more logical to spread it out - for my sanity as much as anything!

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Aunt LaLa said...

Looks like fun! Can't believe Jack is 10! I remember holding him for the first time at Karen's wedding! Don't envy you the SNOW but sure do wish I could celebrate the B'day too!