Wednesday, February 9, 2011


These were taken 2 hours ago.  There's more now.  Tons more.  Well, maybe not tons, but we now have a total of 2 feet.  And it's still coming down. 
I am feeling uber-restless.  I hate my use of the word "uber."  But there it is.  I pace back and forth between the front and back doors.  Looking for signs that someone miraculously forged a path in the road.  Jeff had to get a ride home in the county truck.  Even with studded snow tires, he couldn't get out of the parking lot.  It took them and hour and a half to get home.  Normally he's home in 30 min or less.  The front of the truck acted like a snow plow pushing the snow up over the hood instead of off to the side.  No hope for my minivan I suppose.  I remind myself to be content.  Roaring fire.  Snacks.  A meal or two.  But I wanted to make cookies and I don't have enough butter.  So now I really want cookies.  See how that works.  Just like my children.  If it's out of reach, I want it even more.  I'm praying now that I can turn this day around.  Long for Him instead of cookies.  Yearn for and crave His sweetness.  Stop pacing and just be still and know that He is God.

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Momma C said...

I have some butter if you want to borrow some! I know, no help!